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Why Colocation-city ?

Colocation City’s vision is to select and provide people with the best house share available

Colocation City houses must comply with a quality charter of 4 main points

1. Comfort

Residential real estate in France was not originally built to allow house share. Most of houses and apartments are made of a master bedroom for the parents and smaller rooms for children and one or few bathrooms. This architecture is optimal for a family but certainly not for house share. For this reason, Colocation City only offers houses that are precisely designed for house share. This means that houses must comply with the following comfort rules :

  • Each room should have virtually the same size and its own bathroom or at least one bathroom for two bedrooms.
  • Since most of the Colocation City tenants are students, each room must have a desk, an internet connection, and well insulated so that students can freely do their homework.
  • Shared spaces should allow any tenant to use the house equipments whenever he feels the need to. This concerns mostly the kitchen, that should have at least one hob per tenant, and enough fridge, freezer, oven, and places to eat so that sharing does not mean compromising.
  • Each room must have a TV so that tenants have the ability to rest whenever they feel like it.

2. Location

House locations are essential for the tenants. All houses have been selected for their ideal location at walking distance from most schools, transportation and shops. To select the right room for them, clients can look at the factsheets of any room to see how far it is located from the strategic places of the city.

3. Security

Colocation City houses are all situated in the most prestigious neighborhoods of the city. Colocation City houses comply with the most recent insulation and electrical requirements.

Private spaces are lockable and each tenant is the sole owner of the keys for its private room.

4. Landlord Commitments

Through Colocation City, landlords have committed to respect their tenants. Although this seems obvious, it is not rare to see tenants wait way too long for important damages concerning heating, kitchen equipments, rooftops… to get fixed. Colocation City ensures a quick and reliable repair service.

Finally, Colocation City strives to assist tenants in their renting experience which includes: looking for the right house, helping filling out paperwork...

The whole Colocation City team looks forward to seeing you in our houses ! Contact us now !