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step 1
1. room comfortability
Between 9 and 11 m²
Between 11 and 13 m²
Between 13 and 15 m²
Between 15 and 20 m²
More than 20 m²
Bed : Single Double
Wardrobe : Yes No
Armoire : Yes No
Commode : Yes No
Bedside table : 0 1 2
Desk : Yes No
TV : Yes No
Private bathroom : Yes No
Private WC : Yes No
Kitchenette : Yes No
step 2 comfortability
number of rooms in the house :
surface of the pulbic area :(séjour + cuisine uniquement)
Furniture of the public area
TV Home Cinema DVD Internet Indicate the number of seats :
(drawing room + dining room)
Big appliances
Indicate the number of refrigerators :
Indicate the number of the cooking fire :
Indicate the number of freezers :
Indicate the number of the dishwasher :
Indicate the number of washing machine :
Indicate the number of dryer :
Extra points
Presence of separate toilets :
Presence of garden :
Presence of terrace :
Number of parkings :
step 3
3. site of the house
Proximity - Métro
Épeule - Montesquieu
Roubaix - Charles-de-Gaulle
Roubaix - Grand-Place
Gare - Jean-Lebas
Less than 200 meters
Less than 500 meters
Less than 1 km
Less than 1,5 km
More than 1,5 km
Proximity - Tram
La Marque
Clinique du Parc
Bol d'air
Parc Barbieux
Hôpital Victor-Provo
Less than 200 meters
Less than 500 meters
Less than 1 km
Less than 1,5 km
More than 1,5 km
step 4
4. security and energy consumption
Energy consumption (primary energy) for heating, hot water and cooling (Kwhep/
 ≤50 A
 51 to 90 B
 91 to 150 C
 151 to 280 D
 231 to 390 E
 391 to 450 F
 >450 G
Possibility to lock all private parties Yes No
 ≤5 A
 6 to 10 B
 11 to 20 C
 21 to 35 D
 36 to 55 E
 56 to 90 F
 >90 G
Owner Information
Address of owner

Roommate City has developed a rating system of its own and can give a rating for rooms to rent in shared flat.   This rating depends on the criteria found in this form. The rating methodology is available on the website

Assigning a score allows potential customers to have a professional opinion about the rooms available on the website.   This also provides an opportunity for owners to be able to justify an exceptional property.

To be included in the list of exceptional properties Roommate City, we must note that the property be greater than 3 stars . If the property is éligibile and the owner wishes to publish   well on the site, an agent Roommate City will visit the site to verify that the property meets the information provided previously.